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Raze is a European Tiered World of Warcraft Raiding Guild based on the Alonsus / Anachronos / Kul Tiras Connected Realms. 
We strive to provide a competitive, respectful and fun atmosphere for our members to enjoy World of Warcraft. 
Our aim is to provide a raiding environment suited for players of varying skills and expectations.

MT1 - Il'gynoth Down, 5/7!

steech posted Tue at 0:47

After a slight roster reshuffle Il'gynoth has been defeated, great job guys!

p.s. Basoon wasn't photoshopped in, I promise!

Excellent job everyone! We are the 4th team to kill mythic Nythendra on our realm.

Volvius Great job guys, really well done!!

MT1 - Dragons Down!

steech posted Oct 11, 16

Over half way, only the three easy bosses left. Well done team :)

MT1 - The Bear is Dead!

steech posted Oct 7, 16

And this time it's Ursoc instead of Gourt! Nicely done everyone, on to Dragons!

Frostbyte Raze bears all! R A Z E Go Raze!

Let's do that again on Mythic! Great job everyone! We are the 5th team to clear HC on our realm.

Frostbyte Woop Woop! Great work guys, onto the real raiding now then? ;-)
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